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You always wear neutral colors, 
you are a forest of gray and brown,
and your bed is always empty.

Elizabeth was right.
You keep your guard up higher than castle walls,
and your hands are always buried in your pockets.

I know 
what happened
on the grounds of the school where you met,
when you were carrying three months of salary spent.

And I know 
that she found out 
her father would never allow
such a poor family name to lay claim on its only daughter.

So, I know she never showed
and how you stayed for hours.
Like a mariner trapped at sea.

When dawn reclaimed the sky,
you dragged your body home,
collapsing, at last, alone in your bed.

You woke after little sleep,
shook the weight off your shoulders,
and drove yourself down to the harbor

You walked out on the pier
where the wind howled and shared your grief
like it was part of your body.

And you slowly removed 
the diamond ring from inside your pocket, 
and you buried it at sea.

it’s strange how a new person can have such an impact on you in the matter of seconds and the fact that you two can hit it off so well that just their name can flood your mind with good thoughts about them